Candidate FAQ

Software placement group is a global provider of traditional executive search services across all functions in the software sales industry. We offer a direct approach and true partnership which leads to customized search solutions within the top software organizations.

SPG provides executive placement for top software organizations worldwide.

Our process, approach and direct software experience make our business different than any other executive search firms.  As a client you will have immediate access to our recruiting staff which has over 50 years of experience in the software industry as well as direct access to our exclusive database of elite job listings.

After reviewing our current job postings, use the online system to create a profile and upload your resume to our online database.

Once you have created a profile and uploaded your resume (either in Word format or pasted into the text boxes), your resume will automatically be uploaded into our SPG database and recruitment system and it will be instantly accessible for all of our partners as well as internal recruiters to review.

SPG receives hundreds of applications daily and has specialized technology that will identify resumes that match a specific requirements of a position. If you apply for a certain job listing based on the posted requirements then you can expect a follow-up interview within 24-72 hours.

The software industry average is 45 days to fill a position but this can fluctuate depending on the company.

Yes, Once, you’ve uploaded a resume to our system, it will be searchable by all of our internal recruiters and partners. When a recruiter is looking for a specific skill, they will conduct a search in our database, if the skill is on your resume, your resume will be flagged in their personal database and it will be reviewed by our staff.

No, once you have created a profile and uploaded your resume, that resume will be in our system. Each time you apply for a position, that resume will be attached to your profile.

SPG does not provide resume writing but will offer a valuable critique based on 17 Years of software experience.

It is simple, just log into your profile and make your resume inactive or you can send a direct email message to

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