Client FAQ

Software placement group is a global provider of traditional executive search services across all functions in the software sales industry. We offer a direct approach, true partnership which leads to customized search solutions in order to secure the most qualified, compatible executives. To learn more, visit our history

SPG provides executive placement for top software organizations worldwide. Major clients have included: Qlik Attunity, Apple, MuleSoft, Salesforce, Tableau, Oracle, Microsoft, and Ceridian

Our process, approach and direct software experience make our business different than any other executive search firms.  As a client you will have immediate access to our recruiting staff which has over 50 years of experience in the software industry as well as over 200,000+ updated and qualified and diversified resumes. Once a client has decided that a position is to fill and the paperwork has been completed, we will take care of everything with regards to finding you the best candidate in the marketplace for your position.

Create the advertising, places online ads in the demographic market, review all candidate submissions and inquiries, confirm education and certifications are accurate, conduct initial interview, perform reference check, and present you with only the candidates that fit the specific criteria you have outlined for us.

If you are getting the results with internal staff and have the time and money to spend getting the results that you require then there is no need to change. If you are unhappy with these results, then we can save you money as well as a sufficient amount of time and energy. Our recruiting department is made up of former software industry professionals that know firsthand the skills and requirements within the industry.

The cost varies depending on the category of candidates you need assistance in recruiting but in all cases fees are fixed and agreed upon in advance. Upon our initial conference call, these costs will be clearly outlined once we have the information deemed necessary to make a formal quote.

SPG recognizes that an executive position may need to be filled very quickly and with our rapid tracking system, we are able to product quality candidates within just a few days. Once a request has been made, a conference call will be scheduled to discuss your company’s job openings and profiles. Prior to the scheduled call, please make sure that the company profile as well as the detailed job descriptions is emailed to Upon receipt of the signed contract, SPG will begin the search and interview process and begin submitted qualified candidates within just a few days.

It varies on the nature and complexity of the assignment, as well as our client’s preferences. Such specifications decisions can be reached between the client and SPG on the initial conference call.  Our exact search and pre-qualification process ensure that only highly qualified candidates advance to the interview stage, therefore minimizing the time clients spend on interviews.

With over 20 years of direct software experience, SPG has built a solid network of professional organizations as well as executive networks worldwide. We also maintain a proprietary database of over 200,000 selected and qualified candidates.

Prior to presenting candidates, SPG conducts a stringent screening process this includes but is not limited to professional and education history as well as references.

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