SPG Recommended Resources

Job Boards

  1. Link Up: https://www.linkup.com/ – Find your next job opportunity on this comprehensive job board.
  2. TweetMyJobs: https://tweetmyjobs.com/ – Stay informed about the latest job openings through tweets.
  3. Simply Hired: https://www.simplyhired.com/ – Search for jobs across multiple industries and locations.
  4. Glassdoor: https://www.glassdoor.com/ – Get insights into company culture, salaries, and more.
  5. Monster: https://www.monster.com/ – Explore a wide range of job opportunities and take control of your career.
  6. Career Builder: https://www.careerbuilder.com/ – Connect with top employers and find your dream job.
  7. Indeed: https://www.indeed.com/ – Search for jobs, read reviews, and compare salaries.
  8. Christian Jobs: https://www.christianjobs.com/ – Find job opportunities that align with your faith and values.
  9. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/ – Build your professional network and discover new job opportunities.
  10. Dice: https://www.dice.com/ – Focus on technology jobs and connect with top employers in the tech industry.

HR Resource

  1. HR Resource: https://www.hrresource.com/ – Access resources and tools to help with your job search and career development.
  2. First Interview: https://firstinterview.com/ – Get prepared for your next interview with tips and advice.
  3. HR Law: https://www.hrlaw.com/ – Stay informed about HR laws and regulations that impact your job search.
  4. Easy Drug Testing: https://www.easydrugtesting.com/ – Simplify the drug testing process for your job search.
  5. Salary Expert: https://www.salaryexpert.com/ – Compare salaries for various job titles and industries.
  6. Shrim: https://www.shrim.com/ – Access job opportunities in the maritime and offshore industries.


  1. Visa Information: https://www.travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/international-travel/while-abroad/legal-considerations/visa-information-resources.html – Get information about visas for job seekers looking to work in a foreign country.
  2. Travel State: https://www.travel.state.gov/ – Stay informed about travel requirements, restrictions, and warnings for job seekers traveling abroad.

Financial Resources

  1. Financial Resources: https://www.nerdwallet.com/investing/financial-resources – Get access to financial resources to help you with your job search.
  2. Hoovers: https://www.hoovers.com/ – Get insights into companies and industries to inform your job search.
  3. The Red Herring: https://www.redherring.com/ – Stay informed about the latest developments in technology and innovation.
  4. Email Star Technologies: https://www.emailstar.com/ – Access email marketing services to help you find your next job.
  5. Quote.com: https://www.quote.com/ – Get financial information and market data

Resumé Resource

  1. Resumé Resource: https://www.resume-resource.com/ – Get tips and advice to create a standout resumé.
  2. Free e-Portfolio: https://www.free-eportfolio.com/ – Create a free digital portfolio to showcase your work and skills.
  3. Résumé Maker: https://www.resume.com– Create a professional resumé in minutes using a user-friendly template.


  1. Homestore: https://www.homestore.com/ – Find a new home for your relocation needs.
  2. Realtor: https://www.realtor.com/ – Search for homes and connect with real estate professionals.

Tax Information

  1. Tax Information: https://www.irs.gov/ – Get information about taxes and tax laws that may impact your job search.
  2. US Tax Library: https://www.ustaxlibrary.com/ – Access resources and information about US taxes.

Venture Capital

  1. Venture Capital: https://www.venturecapital.org/ – Stay informed about venture capital and investment opportunities.
  2. Crimson Investments: https://www.crimsoninvestments.com/ – Connect with top investors and find investment opportunities.
  3. Mission Ventures: https://www.missionventures.com/ – Explore investment opportunities in mission-driven companies.
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