SPG is one of the US high-tech executive staffing leaders that offers extensive software expertise, proven process results and ROI, as well as a culture fit with a diverse candidate pool. We find the excellent candidates that you need to hire.

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Proven Results and ROI

About SPG’s Success

Since 1994, our delivered hires have contributed over $3 Billion in sales revenue thus facilitating our 750+ client’s successful growth. In addition, as a trusted advisor, SPG successfully completed over 1,000 searches with the top IT Software and SaaS companies in the world!

SPG’s Services – Culture Fit

Choosing SPG as your strategic client-partner comes with a high standard of success as 86% of our presented candidates are interviewed with a vast majority being hired. Our unique recruiting process is geared toward integrating every aspect of our client’s culture, leading to an effective hire!

Why SPG – Long Tenure

SPG’s overall placement tenure is 34 months as compared to an industry average of 18 months resulting in more client productivity! Additionally, our time to fill a role is only 24 days as compared with the IT average of 38 days saving our client’s resources, time and money!

How Does It Work?

SPG has effectively refined the key elements of the evaluation process. In 5 stages, we’ll determine all the necessary information to search out all the best qualified candidates for your team.

Recruitment Process

The following is an outline of what we do in the first 4 weeks:


  • Discussing the culture, the uniqueness of the company, the role requirements, the job benefits, and the profile requirements in terms of current domain, job responsibilities and the candidate’s attributes, skills, and experience.
  • The client fills a form that indicates the desired attributes it seeks in candidates and the benefits it provides.

Talent Sourcing

  • Looking into our extensive candidate pool of over 200K
  • Advertising roles on SPG website and digital channels
  • Adapting the job description/messaging to attract diverse candidates, and reaching out to potential candidates
  • The candidate completes the screening form to identify the candidate’s needs and value proposition

Screening & Shortlisting

  • Reviewing the client and candidate form results to ensure fit
  • Conducting in-depth interview via Zoom with the client to ensure further that there is a good client-candidate fit

Submissions & Process Management

  • Debriefing on candidate’s fit
  • Submitting candidate’s credentials
  • Guiding the hiring manager and the candidate through the interview process + follow up
  • Streamlining and expediting the interviewing and hiring process

References & Negotiation

  • Providing the needed references
  • Negotiating the salary on behalf of the candidate

Executive Briefing

In today’s corporate world, software companies are seeking qualified people who have an understanding of their business, culture as well as technology, and those who know how to effectively sell, and support their products. Revenues and profits improve with the most capable team in place. To learn more about our effective recruiting process and to receive our Proposal Deck please email to

Partial List of SaaS Clients

Human Capital Management SW

Real-Time Data Replication SW

Customer Engagement SaaS

Software and Services for IT

Data Integration and Analytics SW

Motive offers SaaS Fleet Management Solutions

Business Intelligence SW

Enterprise Technology Management

SaaS Call Center

Application Integration


Outsourcing Services


Discrete Manufacturing Software