Complimentary Services, Value & Ethics

SPG opens the gateway to some of the top software companies in the industry which include several pre IPO and “Top 500” software firms.

Our Services Include

  • Free résumé consultation, tips, and synopsis
  • All clients are thoroughly researched and interviewed on your behalf.
  • Complete job dissertation including client information, products, job duties, and company benefits.
  • Coaching - we're your partner during the entire process.
  • Negotiating assistance to secure the best paying positions.
  • A supportive website with a full listing of job postings and valuable insights.

Candidate Value Proposition

  • Help you be seen in the best light possible for interviews
  • Give you valuable feedback about your resume
  • Coach you on interviewing must do’s and techniques
  • Give you the insider scoop on the culture, values and personnel at the places where you will interview
  • Help you win at interviewing
  • You will be able to bounce ideas with us
  • You will be surrounded by a team of people who are very interested in getting you employed


  • An email address, phone number or resume is strictly confidential. Any information that is received will not be distributed without the consent of the candidate.
  • SPG clients are Equal Opportunity Employers!
softwareplaceComplimentary Services, Value & Ethics