Process Management Approach

When you give SPG a requirement to hire, we activate a process approach to ensure that you will get back the best quality candidates available, in as fast a time as possible.

The following is an outline of what we do within 72 hours of your request for help:

Confirm your requirements and specific company information – this is an important step and 15 minutes at the beginning of the process will make all the other steps flow faster and smoother. This also ensures the most accurate match to your most critical profile information.

SPG associates then jointly search our proprietary 500,000+ candidate database, built up over 26 years. These are ONLY software people who have been pre-interviewed (many with Zoom) from all over the country. SPG’s database ensures we know whom the strongest people that are active at that moment.

The best candidates are quickly informed of your opening and the detailed requirement is immediately sent for their review. This is done by e-mail or telephone. SPG associates then review your specific profile to guarantee the best possible match based on the detailed requirements.

If there are not enough candidates available fitting the specific profile, an SPG associate will notify you and suggest additional profiles as well as make you aware of the “best available athletes” and their backgrounds. If you are interested in the best available people who may be slightly outside the profile, let us know immediately and we’ll also include the best active candidates. We request referrals from the top people from your profile companies to increase our penetration of the best available candidates. Furthermore, SPG utilizes many sourcing approaches to identify additional potential SPG candidates.

SPG then submits a résumé and detailed matching synopsis of the best candidates to you and schedules interviews. Historically, 83% of SPG submissions are interviewed; making SPG’s service second to none!

SPG then coordinates the interview process with in-depth information flow about the candidate, their other processes, and your feedback for them. We manage the process from start to finish!

softwareplaceProcess Management Approach