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SPG Announces 30 years of Successful Business!

In August, we will celebrate 30 years of excellent service in our industry. We feel like we’ve seen it all, yet we know much more is on the horizon. With all the successful endeavors behind us, we can confidently say that the best is yet to come. Where We Have Been Since beginning in August

SPG’s Recent Successful Global Placements!

CEO: Provides strategic advisory services leveraging deep industry expertise. Account Executive: Facilitates client interactions and manages accounts in digital information exchange technologies. Senior Account Executive, Digital & AI: Specializes in advanced AI-driven customer engagement solutions. Chief Revenue Officer: Oversees revenue generation strategies in ERP and design technology. Sales Executive: Drives sales for enterprise information management

News Flash: SPG’s Revolutionary AI Mega Candidate Database!

Software Placement Group (SPG) is thrilled to introduce our database with millions of pre-qualified candidates. Leveraging our unique new AI technology, SPG ensures you find the best quality candidates swiftly and efficiently. Our AI-driven search capabilities enable precise and up-to-date keyword matching, leading you to the most relevant and high-caliber professionals in the market. Experience

SPG Announces its use for AI Recruiting!

The Need for AI Our current and upcoming focus is on artificial intelligence (AI), covering about 50% of what we do at SPG. We are excited that our techniques and methodologies will increasingly focus on AI and business analytics. AI isn’t just for sales or numbers anymore; it can now be used as major intelligence

10 Key Factors that Hiring Managers look for when Hiring a Candidate!

The following are the 10 most important things I look for when hiring a candidate: Relevant skills and experience: The candidate should have the necessary skills and experience to perform the job effectively. Cultural fit: The candidate should align with the company’s values and work culture. Adaptability: The ability to quickly adapt to new situations

Best Video Interview Tips:

Candidate Video Interview Tips: See More General Tips by SPG: Click for Slides:   Start with an Introduction: Start your video by introducing yourself, your experience, and the purpose of your video. Explain why you’re the best candidate for the job. Show your Passion: Express your excitement for the company and the role you’re applying for.

What are the best tips for doing a Zoom interview for a job?

What are the best tips for doing a Zoom interview for a job? Prepare your technology: Test your internet connection, camera, and microphone beforehand to make sure they are working properly. Dress appropriately: Even though you are at home, dress as if you were going to an in-person interview. Set up a professional background: Choose

Success of SPG: 2023 Update

The Continued Success of SPG: Since 1994, our delivered hires have contributed over $3 Billion in sales revenue, helping our 750+ clients grow successfully. We have also been a trusted advisor to over 1,500 candidates, securing ideal roles with top high-tech software companies worldwide.  Services Offered: Culture Fit: SPG’s unique recruiting process focuses on integrating

How to HIRE great people.

Job interviews often lead to wrong hiring decisions. If you were to interview a baseball player, you would not ask him how he holds the bat, and how far apart he keeps his feet. Yet, these are the kind of questions people get asked on the interviews - theoretical.