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SPG’s Thoughts: Why the Candidate market is so Tight in 2021? What is the Solution?

Here are several reasons why the high-tech job market is so difficult as of 10/01/21: Many candidates are happy and understandable do not want to risk leaving due to Covid Some candidates are locked into stock vested periods and can’t leave More people in software are retiring making the candidate pool smaller Some people are

*Sr. Big Data AE: New York

Cloud Big Data Software Location: New York, NY Salary/Pay Rate: $140,000 base salary / $280,000 total

25 Years of Service and the Best is Yet to Come!

In August, we will be coming up on 25 years of excellent service in our industry and we couldn’t be more excited about where we have been and what is ahead. We feel like we’ve seen it all, yet we know there is much more on the horizon.  With all the successful endeavors behind us, we

Sr. Big Data Sales Consultant

Position Title: Enterprise Sales Engineer Salary Range: 150,000+ Location: Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, US

ERP Account Executive: US

SaaS Software Location: Major USA Cities Salary/Pay Rate: $120,000 base salary / $240,000 total, plus stock