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Success of SPG: 2023 Update

The Continued Success of SPG:

  • Since 1994, our delivered hires have contributed over $3 Billion in sales revenue, helping our 750+ clients grow successfully.
  • We have also been a trusted advisor to over 1,500 candidates, securing ideal roles with top high-tech software companies worldwide.

 Services Offered:

  • Culture Fit: SPG’s unique recruiting process focuses on integrating our clients’ culture, leading to an effective hire. With our approach, 86% of presented candidates are interviewed, and a vast majority of them are hired.
  • Extensive Software Expertise: Our extensive software expertise combined with our proven process ROI and culture fit, results in finding the best candidate for our clients.
  • Diverse Candidate Pool: Our diverse candidate pool ensures that our clients find the best candidate for their hiring needs.

 Why Choose SPG?

  • Long Tenure: Our placement tenure is 34 months, compared to the industry average of 18 months, resulting in increased client productivity.
  • Faster Time to Fill a Role: Our time to fill a role is 24 days, 14 days lower than the industry average of 38 days, saving our clients time and money.
  • High Client Retention: 95% of our clients re-engage SPG, thanks to our fast and effective recruitment process.

Candidates Benefits:

  • Good Cultural Fit: We help candidates find jobs that are a good cultural fit and offer the value and benefits they’re looking for.
  • High Candidate Retention: Over 90% of our candidates are retained over one year, with our overall placement tenure being 34 months.
  • Total Candidate Compensation: Our candidates have secured over $500 Million in total compensation.
jeffreySuccess of SPG: 2023 Update

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