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25 Years of Service and the Best is Yet to Come!

In August, we will be coming up on 25 years of excellent service in our industry and we couldn’t be more excited about where we have been and what is ahead. We feel like we’ve seen it all, yet we know there is much more on the horizon.  With all the successful endeavors behind us, we can confidently say that the best is yet to come.

Where We Have Been

From our beginning in 1994, Software Placement Group, SPG has always offered expertise in management, sales, and technical experience. In the past 23 years, we have represented over 750 high-tech companies including: Accenture, Apple, Microsoft, Attunity, HDS, Tableau, Salesforce and more.  We’ve worked in the realms of Analytics, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Security, Cloud Computing, DevOps, and CRM.

In a short glance, we are proud of the following things we have accomplished in the past 25 years:

  • Placed over 1,000 candidates in the roles of Executive, Management, Marketing, Business Development, Sales and Technical (Sales Engineer) fields
  • Retained, Executive and Contingency services
  • Hired and trained recruiters directly from the Software industry.
  • Candidates have contributed over $1.3 billion in our Client’s growth
  • Candidate’s compensation exceeds $350 million
  • Successfully secured over 1,000 Candidate offers
  • Obtained 700 Software Client Partners
  • Labeled as “Premier Partner” to many elite Software 500 List
  • Secured 300+ US Recruiting partners

But what is ahead for us at SPG and how does it relate to both the client and the candidate?  We are glad you asked.

Finding Talent

At SPG we have a history of hiring the top talent in the software industry.  It not only is something we pride ourselves in, but is also what we are known for.  Most company’s base candidate and client pairings solely on resume and paperwork; but what we have found is that what is written down usually only represents the tip of the iceberg.  Behind every resume or job posting, there are a myriad of other factors that need to be considered in order to find the correct match:

  • What is the company culture?
  • Where is the company headed?
  • Does the candidate not only possess the skills needed, but the capacity to learn the new initiatives to meet company goals?
  • Bottom-line, does the candidate have the prior success that will quickly transfer with our client’s unique needs

We have found that the only way to get ahead of these questions is to be in front of the technology curve.  Harnessing the latest Hi-tech trends and staying ahead of them, has allowed SPG to be front-runners in our industry.

The Need for Big Data

Our current and upcoming focus is on Big Data, covering about 50% of what we do at SPG.  We are excited that going forward, our techniques and methodologies will focus more and more on big data and business analytics. Why is this so exciting, you may ask?

Data and analytics aren’t just for sales or numbers anymore, but now can be used as major intelligence when used correctly.   One of our biggest endeavors is gathering data on high-tech companies, candidates, and the software industry.  We are looking for patterns and trends within companies and organizations that can help us determine where a company is headed, they type of employee they are looking for, and what kind of culture our clients are exhibiting.

Data is growing faster than ever before.  For example, every person creates 1.7 megabites of information every second.  For the first time when it comes to business operation, big data will be used for information and to make better business decisions instead of simply reflecting on past behavior.  This means that going forward, SPG not only can give our clients and candidates valuable information on lessons learned from the past, but also will be able to assist in business projections and advancements based on our knowledge.  SPG now only places people in the Big Data domain, but uses the technology to find the best quality candidates.

SPG’s Candidate Analytics

The real and ultimate value of big data comes as we begin to analyze our findings.  To put it simply, analytics allows us to harness and organize data that we gather in order to find opportunity.  Opportunities make way for smarter business decisions, more efficient operations, and ultimately, a higher profit for our clients.

Real-Time Candidate analytics give us valuable information we need to continue to secure the top talent to the top companies. We already successfully secured over 1,000 candidate offers, accumulating in $1.3 billion dollars in client growth, but for the future, we are looking not only to grow these numbers in size but also in value.  Gathering big data on behalf of our clients produces an immense amount of statistics, patterns, and trends that relate to human behavior and interactions.  This information is crucial to both our clients and our candidates.

The 72 Hour Promise

As finding top talent will always remain core to our values and mission, another foundation we will continue to stand firm on is our 72-hour promise.  Within 72 hours of your request for help we deliver on the following:

  • Confirm your requirements and specific company information
  • SPG associates then jointly search our proprietary 200,000+ candidate database, built up over 23 years. Real-Time analytics will help us quickly discover the best candidate’s that are available!
  • The best candidates are quickly informed of your opening and the detailed requirement is immediately sent for their review.
  • If there are not enough candidates available fitting the specific profile, an SPG associate will notify you and suggest additional profiles as well as make you aware of the “best available athletes” and their backgrounds.
  • SPG then submits a résumé and detailed matching synopsis of the best candidates to you and schedules interviews. Historically, 83% of SPG submissions are interviewed; making SPG’s service second to none!
  • SPG then coordinates the interview process with in-depth information flow about the candidate, their other processes, and your feedback for them.

Going forward, our deliverables will remain the same.  The only difference is that we now possess invaluable information on company trends, projections, and other business statistics.  We can now pair clients and companies not only based on what is written on a piece of paper, but on human behaviors, business projections, candidate and client interactions, and more.  Our big data is working for you to accomplish the above while sifting through thousands of statistics.  Our deliverables are now more focused, more intuitive, and will create the best possible outcome for our companies and candidates more than ever before.

We not only analyze for the past, but we look ahead to where you are going for the future.

What You Can Expect

While the trend of harnesses big data is coming on the horizon for many software companies, we at SPG are well-versed in big data intelligence methodologies and identifying value.  When you sign up to work with us, you can be assured that not only do we understand the significance of big data, but that we apply our findings to both the candidate and the company.  Our data statistics not only help us, help you, but do so for many years to come.

Our goal at SPG has always been to find top talent and match it with the top companies in the tech industry, and that is still at the forefront of our minds.  However, our search and placement now involves valuable information that creates pathways for more efficiency and greater success rate in our pairing process.  We look forward to working with you and together harnessing the power of big data to transform your work!

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softwareplace25 Years of Service and the Best is Yet to Come!

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